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'Dakota DC3,' Digital photos: Siobhan McDonald, Iceland 2013


"The Earth’s crust is currently unzipping itself, and has been doing so for over a hundred million years, as the plates bearing Europe and the Americas move apart and allow lavas from deep in the mantle to well up and solidify between them, creating the mid-Atlantic ridge. Iceland sits astride of this nine-thousand-mile-long submarine mountain range; hence the island’s hot springs and volcanoes. Near one of these volcanoes lies the husk of a crashed 1950’s Dakota DC3. Over the years it has been layered with volcanic ash; it is on the way to being fossilized. The DC3, once the workhorse of the air transport industry, has been described as ‘a collection of parts flying in loose formation."

Tim Robinson, Written on the occasion of ‘Eye of the Storm,’ for Siobhan McDonald