Siobhan McDonald


Siobhan McDonald, Study for a Volcano 2019, film on Glass prism, 2 minutes, 20 seconds film. Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption, part of upcoming display of works by Siobhan McDonald at VOLTA, Basel in June 2019. Film editor, Christopher Ash. Footage by Fredrik Holm.


Siobhan McDonald, Herbarium of Breath. Volcanic ash + air particles from over Europe, minerals, ancient plant fossils gilded in 24 karat gold.

Herbarium of Breath is a series of drawings on glass produced using particles of ash from a variety of European volcanoes. From each site, ash is collected, and ground into a pigment as source material. The raw materials for the piece embody the primal matter that can help to reduce atmospheric CO2. The subtly fading background results from the repeated application of thin, transparent layers of pigment made from air particles. Employing natural processes, this piece attempts to capture the air itself and the act of breathing.

This artwork is part of an installation called 'To Breathe' at 'Datami' on exhibition at the EU commission (October - November 2019). Opens at Bozar on 9th December 2019



Lunula, 24 Carat gold, whole calfskin and smoke using a seismograph to inscribe earth signals onto paper surfaces. 120 cm square
Palisade, Pyrolysis (burnt in an environment without oxygen) Dimensions variable, What remains, Floor installation. Birch, oak and willow. Dimensions variable 
(Installation shot, Limerick City Gallery 2019)