Fault Lines: An Afternoon Symposium

A collaborative event organised by Void Gallery and Paper Visual Art Journal - supported by the Arts Council of Ireland. Contributors were Willie Doherty, Siobhan McDonald, Darran Anderson, and Gareth Doherty. The event was part of the Void Engage education programme that supports each exhibition - in this case Opened Ground - an exhibition that examined the socio-political impact of borders.

Study for a Volcano 2019

Siobhan McDonald film on Glass prism, 2 minutes, 20 seconds film. Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption. Edited by Christopher Ash.

Trinity Creative Challenge Showcase 2018

Artist Siobhan McDonald talks about her project ' Future Breath' which was funded by the Trinity Creative Challenge award 2017. Her event took place at Science Gallery Dublin on December 2018 and Limerick City Gallery in February-March 2019.

Disappearing Worlds

Working from a studio at the School of Biology and Environmental Science at University College Dublin, Siobhan McDonald explores the vast diversity of the environment we inhabit and our equally diverse responses to it. In this short documentary, she talks about her exhibition Crystalline: Disappearing Worlds, and the fragile landscape of the Arctic Circle.

'At the Edge of Visibility' 2016.

4 minute film by Siobhan McDonald, (shot in the Arctic Circle in 2015.) Edited by Christopher Ash. Sound composition by Irene Buckley containing sounds collected in the Arctic by Siobhan, sounds of dying glaciers recorded by Professor Chris Bean and sounds recorded in space by ESA.

This film is exhibited as part of Siobhan McDonald's solo show 'Crystalline,' at Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris. See reviews: Apollo and The Guardian Link to Press release for Crystalline by Siobhán McDonald

Only Connect 2015: Deep Songs

In March 2015 Siobhan McDonald was invited to make a film for Susan Stenger’s Deep Songs, commissioned for nyMusikk's Only Connect Festival Of Sound and premiered at Fabrikken 5 June. With Hardanger fiddle players Nils Økland and Britt Pernille Frøholm, Stenger on electric bass and alto flute, field recordings by Professor Chris Bean (Seismologist at University College Dublin). Deep Songs is supported by Norsk kulturråd. Funding by Culture Ireland.

Eye of the Storm, The Dock, 2012

6 minute film documentation of the making of the exhibition 'Eye of the Storm'

This project has been supported by The Arts Council, Visual Art Bursary


Siobhan McDonald spent several weeks working on a piece that is featured at The Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon. This video documents her process while making the piece Rythym at the RHA studios. Seism opens In September at The Dock and runs through to the end of October, 2012.
Siobhan McDonald 2012
Speaker, Volcanic sound wave, tree branch and Indian ink.

‘Elemental’. A 3 minute film documentation of 350 million year old Coral Fossils by Siobhan McDonald Music composed by Irene Buckley Film work and editing with thanks to Jose Miguel Jimenez, Independent film maker and Theatre Director