'How water moves,'  2015 Pencil and indian ink on archival paper

'How the Water Moves,' 2015

Pencil and ink, projected image transfer section on archival paper

Collaborative project with the, Programme for Experimental Climates at University College Dublin, Ireland.

In February 2015, over ten weeks, I began to study plants & atmospheres as far back as 400 million years, to explore the essential ‘nature’ that, invisible to the eye, acts as imaginary portholes into other times and states of existence.  This immersive research reveals the map of conditions for life on earth.  From September-December 2015, I will develop interventions, to include artistic media (painting, drawing and printing) using historic technologies, alongside new technologies looking at ancient scientific processes and image making. This new body of work will be launched in December 2015.


An interest in geology and seismology strongly informs Siobhan McDonald's current work, allowing her to map imperceptible movements of the Earth, subtly manifesting links to both physical locations and to particular moments in time. McDonald also looks to Iceland and it’s state of flux and change, as it is constantly erasing and recreating its own history.