Had I been asked last year what was my dearest wish, I would have replied: a laboratory and free time, or a ship on the ocean with all the instruments a scientist needs.

Sigmund Freud, 1875


This year Siobhan McDonald has been selected from an International pool of applicants to go on a trip through the Arctic Circle. In June Siobhan will be sailing the waters of Svalbard upon the SVAntigua with 20 award winning international innovators, explorers and artists. She will be among the last people in the world to visually capture this disappearing landscape, as sadly the glaciers are melting at unprecedented rates. Arriving by water will create an alternative point of entry to the place as everything will be seen and heard from the sea. www.thearcticcircle.org/.

An interest in geology and seismology strongly informs Siobhan McDonald's current work, allowing her to map imperceptible movements of the Earth, subtly manifesting links to both physical locations and to particular moments in time. McDonald also looks to Iceland and it’s state of flux and change, as it is constantly erasing and recreating its own history.