Lunula, 24 Carat gold, whole calfskin and smoke using a seismograph to inscribe earth signals onto paper surfaces. 120 cm square
Palisade, Pyrolysis (burnt in an environment without oxygen) Dimensions variable, What remains, Floor installation. Birch, oak and willow. Dimensions variable 
(Installation shot, Limerick City Gallery 2019)

2019 Irish Times, The five best art exhibitions to visit this week, Feb 9th. by Aidan Dunne




Crystalline: Disappearing Worlds, Siobhan McDonald

Published to accompany Siobhan McDonald’s exhibitions at Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, 2017; Highlanes Gallery, Ireland, 2017; Taylor Galleries, Dublin, 2018; The National Trust, Henry Fox Talbot Museum, UK, 2018; International symposium, UK, 2018 and Limerick City Gallery, Ireland, 2019

Publisher: Oonagh Young Gallery. Editor: Helen Carey

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‘Crystalline’ This installation brings the elements of contemporary engineering together with prehistory in the use of carbon and charred bone. Crystalline', is a series of artworks relating to the dying glaciers. The artwork is created to mark the launch of the Solar Orbiter by ESA into Space in 2020. (Installation shot, Highlanes Gallery, Ireland) 

Crystalline is a body of work which premiered at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris (CCI Paris) in March 2017, which was selected by the United Nations to promote The COP-23 Paris Climate Agreement.


“The idea of ritual plays a major part in her process. This new body of work includes film footage of ritual fires, performative pieces and temporary land art McDonald has made on and around the area of the Black Pig’s Dyke. The show will include new paintings, on 24-carat gold plated copper plates, which she also sometimes burns, using a blow torch. She uses gold and copper because they are conductors. They look abstract, distressed, a word she uses when talking about other images she has made. It’s a word that speaks to the fragility and the anxiety inherent in the work. Despite it all, she is optimistic. Her art is not deeply negative, although it is urgent, pensive, and full of thought-provoking beauty.”

Cristín Leach, written on the occasion of Siobhán McDonald's show: 'Hidden Monuments'

Crystalline: Hidden Monuments by Siobhan McDonald at Limerick City Gallery of Art*

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Artist Statement

I am an artist in residence in the School of Natural Sciences at Trinity College Dublin (2017-2019,) working with world-leading research facilities such as The European Space Agency (ESA); NASA; The JRC European Commission and The European Research Council to explore ecology in light of current ecological concerns. Currently across these research labs, I pursue knowledge to ask questions about the structure and history of the earth. My art practice calls on notions of what is still unknown to science, exploring the Anthropocene and the recent consequences of our treatment of nature. I’m interested in the changeable nature of landmass, historical events and their interconnection to time. In my studio, I work with a diverse group including historians and scientists. My works manifest in many forms including painting, drawing, film, and sound. more…